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Patio's Tiki Bar and Grill provides a great and friendly party, dining and entertainment hub along the intercoastal waterway where friends and family of all ages can come to have a great time.

It’s hard to imagine there is room on the Little River waterfront to squeeze in one more restaurant, but the new Patio’s Tiki Bar & Grill has elbow room to spare.

The roominess is because the outdoor restaurant, which includes a tiki bar and a sprawling tri-level deck, along with a brand new sushi bar for 2018, is on land owned by Big M Casino Boat. You’ll find Patio’s behind the Big M offices.

Patio’s is a fun and partying secluded little world where beer and rum cocktails flow like the current through the adjacent Intracoastal Waterway. Many bikers were hanging out there this week, and the Patio’s staff kindly put out a pile of tiles for bikers to lay down to support motorcycle kickstands.

While it might be easy to imagine the food at such a spot as ordinary bar-type finger foods and sandwiches, that would be a woefully incorrect assumption. The partners in this fabulous restaurant are Joanne Ercole (then Garner) and Kenny Ercole, and Ercole also owns Little River Deli.

Kenny and Joanne took the ingredients and sandwiches at Little River Deli and crafted a fun-loving menu that hits all the right tones for fun choices that appeal to an outdoor crowd.

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